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MCI would award certificate to candidates on successful completion of the course. This will be based on grade obtained by candidates in various tests, quizzes, assignments, examinations, etc.will be module wise examination and one Semester/Final examination. All the Semester/Final examination will be conducted by MCI Administrative Office, where as all the module examinations at the end of each module will be conducted by Authorised Study Center (ASC).

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Our Values

We will nurture an environment of excellence, innovation and continuous upgradation to all members to attain their full potential. We will encourage all to take calculated risks in persuit to excellence. We will be a responsible citizen with respect for the society, the community, and the legal and ethical environments. We will respect and uphold the regional ethos of every region we operate in.We will respect the urge to excel in every member or Business Partner and recognise those who attain high levels of excellence.

Our values Support-At your fingertip:

The one thing that's changing constantly today is "Technology". By the time You finish teaching one technology, perhaps it has already become outdated. That's why MCI has formulated a unique approach in syllabi teaching CSPP - Concept, Skills, Product & Practical.To uphold these standards, MCI has a panel of experts whose sole purpose is to monitor the ever-changing industry trends. They stay constantly attuned to every development that occurs in the global software industry. Thanks to these ceaseless efforts, MCI's curriculum always features the most advanced technologies.

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